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Eco Fire Heat Logs (48 packs)


Very dry wood heat logs which produce a low amount of ash after burning. Efficient and economical, heat logs are an eco friendly alternative to standard fire logs.


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Heat logs are efficient and economical, with more than double the heat output of normal firewood logs, you can get up to 1.5 hours steady burn time from one Heat Log used in a stove, and don't forget delivery is free to the majority of UK mainland addresses.

Hallstone Direct supply premium heat logs which can be used as substitute to traditional fire logs or in combination with them. They are a clean, convenient and an efficient alternative to traditional fire wood.

48 packs per pallet (576 logs)= £5.34 per pack, only 44.5p per log

In comparison to standard firewood logs, Heat Logs are:

  • VERY dry (less than 10% moisture when delivered, compared to around 50%+ in Seasoned Logs)
  • Very heat efficient – up to 2-3 times more heat output 
  • Made to a uniform size ensuring consistent, steady heat release
  • Very clean with low ash 
  • Easy to light
  • Easy to store – their uniform shape takes up less than half the space of normal logs
  • Clean and convenient to handle and store indoors
  • Shrink wrapped which means product can last indefinitely when stored correctly
  • Made from renewable sources

Heat Logs can be used in:

  • Wood Burning stoves
  • Multi Fuel Stoves
  • Open Fireplaces
  • Garden Chimineas
  • Boat Stoves
  • Fire pits

Our Heat Logs are made from pure shavings from sawmills, using 100% virgin timber from sustainably managed plantation forestry. No additives are used to make Heat Logs; the natural lignin of the wood acts as a binder. The ash produced from burning this fuel can be used in gardens, for example, it can be added to the compost heap to produce a mulch for alkaline tolerant plants.

Each pack of 12 logs weighs approximately 10kg; they are conveniently packaged and easy to stack, store and handle due to their uniform shape. Price includes VAT at a rate of 5%

Visit Eco Heat Log Fuel Analysis for more information.

Also available in pallets of 24 packs and 105 packs.


Delivery Summary

Hallstone delivers throughout the UK mainland using a trusted third party distribution network that ensures convenient all year availability of our products.

  • Deliveries to the majority of locations are made via pallet carrier to kerb side only and are made on non-returnable pallets. 
  • Vehicles are up to 11 metres (36') long, 2.5 metres (8' 2") wide, 4.6 metres (15') high. 
  • You must ensure that there are no obstructions to delivery, such as parked cars, low bridges, overhanging branches or weight restrictions. 
  • It is best if you are in to accept the delivery. We are able to deliver if you are not present and the driver will determine the most appropriate positioning for your goods. With unattended deliveries, Hallstone cannot accept any liability for theft, product deterioration or consequences arising from the positioning of your delivery. 
  • Pallets are generally off-loaded using a tail lift and positioned using a manual pallet truck. Manual pallet trucks can only operate on a flat, level, concreted, or similar firm surface. They cannot operate on slopes, gravel, earth, grass or any other type of non-solid surface. 
  • We undertake to place the goods as close to your property as is deemed safe by the driver.  

If you have any concerns about delivery, please contact us on 01904 757374 as other options may be available.  It is important that you read our full Delivery Policy prior to placing your order.