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Using Bark Chippings To Create A Safe Garden Environment For Children

Anyone who has a child of their own will understand the desire to keep children safe from harm and protect them at all times.  The number of cars on the roads these days means that most streets are too busy to allow children to safely play on them.  As a result we find children spending more and more time playing in their own gardens.  Here we look at how the use of bark chippings in your garden can assist in creating a safe playing environment for children. 

Playground equipment

Bark chippings are commonly used in playgrounds throughout the UK as a way of offering protection to children.  The soft and spongy texture of bark chippings means that they are ideal for providing cushioning in the event that a child should fall from a piece of playground equipment.  The presence of bark chippings allows our children to explore their adventurous side and make full use of the playground, without worrying too much about injury.  They also provide parents with peace of mind and allow them to get on with other tasks without the need to constantly watch over their children. 

Garden pests

Another danger faced by children playing in the garden is posed by pets from the household, or often from a neighbour’s home.  Unfortunately dogs and especially cats like to do their business in soil; making flower beds a popular choice.  By using bark chippings as mulch on your flower beds you remove the likelihood of animals leaving little presents for your children to walk or roll in.  This not only protects your children from unpleasant accidents, but also removes the possibility of illness from such an incident. 

Safety guaranteed

At Hallstone Direct our Hardwood Play chippings are manufactured in an eco-friendly way and when used to the recommended depth comply with British impact safety standards.  They have also passed the relevant ignition safety tests; in the event of fire it will not spread quickly through the wood material.