Hallstone amenity turf is a ryegrass/fescue seed mix sown, grown and harvested by our sister company Rolawn. Hallstone lawn turf is functional and produced at a competitive price through reduced use of fertilisers and herbicides. Whether you require a few rolls for your garden or bulk turf for a large area, Hallstone turf is great value and is suitable for any general turfing project.

Multi-purpose garden turf. Freshly harvested, fast-rooting and easy to maintain. Suitable for the majority of gardens, including family lawns. (15% discount has been applied to all prices below)

If you are looking to buy cheap turf at the best prices without compromising on quality, then Hallstone Turf is the ideal choice, as can be seen from our 5 star independently verified customer reviews. Our grass turf is resilient, easy to maintain, easy to lay, establishes quickly and is ideal for a variety of general landscaping or garden turf projects, including family lawns.