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The Benefits Of Using De-icing Salt

Using de-icing salt, commonly known as rock salt or halite, on roads is an essential way of keeping mobility going during the winter. The last few winters have been colder than normal in the UK which has led to chaotic conditions across the country with snow and ice causing disruption to all kinds of transport. De-icing salt works by lowering the melting/freezing point of water and is often formed when sea water evaporates. As well as using it on main roads de-icing salt can be just as useful outside homes on paths and pavements.

Easy to store

De-icing salt is a natural mineral and so it will never go out of date or lose its ability to melt ice and snow. This allows you to store de-icing salt easily and for as long as you need to. To avoid lumpy salt, store it indoors. Unlike some de-icing liquids, de-icing salt won’t leak and damage shelves or other products stored nearby. Containers and bulk bags can easily be stacked on top of each other and will take up less room than more bulky packaging types.

Excellent bulk buy options

Buying de-icing salt is reasonably priced compared to many other ice melting products. You can buy de-icing salt in bulk, or in smaller bags. A good idea is to bulk buy and share the bigger bag, and the cost, between you and your neighbours. Another good reason to bulk buy is that you are unlikely to run out of de-icing salt in a particularly bad winter.

Reduces risk of accidents

When de-icing salt is spread on the ground it produces a natural grip under foot as opposed to some de-icing liquids that can feel slippery. It starts reducing the temperature of the ice so it begins to melt rapidly which makes pavements and roads safer for all and especially protects vulnerable age groups like the elderly and children.