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The Benefits of Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates can be used in many situations around the garden and for those looking for additional textures, colours and functionality it makes good sense to consider them. Not only that, decorative aggregates can cover large areas quickly, making huge differences to a garden’s ambience without the need to completely plant throughout.

As with any decorative solution, success with decorative aggregates will only come from carefully thinking about where it will be placed, what colours should be used to complement existing plants, shrubs, trees and flowers and what textures of decorative aggregate should be used. Finally, it is important to gauge the quantity of decorative aggregate that is required to fulfil the gardener’s objectives.

Much of course depends on what those objectives are. If, for example, decorative aggregates are being sought to spruce up the area around a fish pond, then there are specialist chippings made from hard slate for example, which won’t be harmful to precious aquatic life. Therefore, it’s important when choosing decorative aggregates to be used near fish to look for a product that is labelled as ‘Fish Friendly’ and wash the product before use – this will help guarantee the safety of the fish.

Likewise, for those choosing decorative aggregates to complete a drive or pathway, it’s important to measure the area of the chosen site to ensure that the correct amount of decorative aggregate is used at the required depth, following recommended supplier guidelines. Taking advice from a quality decorative aggregate supplier can help with this, as well as helping you decide whether you need Flamingo Chippings, White Pebbles or Plum Slate Paddlestones, as examples.