The Benefits of Bark Chippings as Garden Mulch

Some of the many questions that novice gardeners ask are what is mulch, what benefit does mulching have and what kind of materials or products should I use as a garden mulch? The last question is a lot simpler to answer because one of the most popular and commonly used garden mulches is bark chippings. […]

What is the difference between wood chippings, bark mulch and ornamental bark?

Natural wood products such as wood chippings and bark mulch are a popular addition to most gardens due to their versatility and the fact that when used as a mulch they naturally break down over a period of time, providing added nutrients to the soil; which isn’t the case when using inorganic mulches such as […]

Bark Chippings or Rubber Chippings – How To Choose?

Since legislation disallowed the filling of landfill sites with old used car tyres, businesses have been clever enough to spot an opportunity and diversify into an area that was the domain of bark chippings – decorative mulches and playground floor coverings. But, given the choice as a gardener, which would you choose? ‘Rubber’ Bark Chippings […]

How To Apply Mulch – A Step By Step Guide

What is mulch? First things first, what is mulch and mulching? A mulch is a loose material, either biodegradable or non-biodegradable, that is used to cover the surface of the soil or compost. Mulching is the act of applying the mulch to an area. Which mulch should I choose? Typical biodegradable mulches include bark, wood […]

Transforming a chicken pen with hardwood play chip

Winter 2020/21 – my 14 chickens were under giant nets, appropriated from fruit cages, under instruction from DEFRA to try and prevent the spread of bird flu. The nets served to keep the wild birds out but also acted as giant collection centres when the snow came. The snow settled heavily into them and despite […]