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Slate Chippings - Adding A Touch Of Glamour To The Garden

There are many ways that gardeners can create beauty and of course choosing complementary plants, flowers and shrubs is the first priority. There are other means however that can be used to add a touch of glamour to the garden which don’t necessarily need to come from vegetation. Slate chippings are one example.

Slate Chippings for Pathways, Drives, Beds and Borders

Natural slate chippings can be purchased in various colours and types to enable gardeners to create swathes of visually appealing colours through beds and borders as well as around the base of centre piece plants or small trees. They can also be used to mark and highlight pathways and drives, which, whilst they may not be the foremost concern of the traditional gardener, are equally important to the whole effect that a garden is designed to give.

Plum slate chippings and blue slate chippings are common types that can be found easily online and from traditional garden centres. They are easy to spread and can act as an excellent weed suppressant in beds and borders if laid to the correct thickness.

Fish Friendly Slate Chippings

Most gardeners will use slate chippings for their decorative appeal however rather than as mulch, and this is why they are also equally at home when placed around fish ponds and other decorative features like sundials and permanent garden furniture. A good retailer of slate chippings will be able to advice as to whether they are ‘fish friendly’, meaning that if they are placed near a fish pond and some enter the water, they won’t harm the fish in anyway – an important consideration given the cost and expense of replacing some varieties of fish, as well as protecting their health of course.

Slate chippings also change colour when wet, giving additional interest to the garden when it rains.