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Sandbags Can Help Prevent Unnecessary Flooding

Sandbags can help prevent unnecessary flooding in the many situations where homes are threatened by rising rivers and where drainage has been put under extra pressure due to heavy rain.

Due to the localised nature of flooding in the UK, it is wise for any household that falls within an area deemed at risk of flooding to take precautions; sandbags can be just one way in which households can protect themselves against damaging flood water.

In homes susceptible to flooding it is wise to have sandbags on hand to prevent the additional few inches of water levels rising – perhaps from a local stream or river – and coming through the doors or windows. Other gaps around the house that could let in water may need covering over too, such as low level ventilation ducts and boiler flues.

In terms of cost, sandbags are not expensive and offer a cheap yet practical way to prevent unnecessary flood damage. With many insurance companies raising premiums in flood hotspots and some excluding flood damage in their insurance cover, sandbags could pay for themselves many times over. This could save much heartache at a time when there will inevitably be enough stress to contend with anyway.

It’s not very often that one lists all the items of value in one’s house, but in most cases there are likely to be more than originally thought. The list of items under threat from potential flood water is endless –think of carpets, interior decor and furnishings to start, and then the household appliances; washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, TVs, DVD players and computers. An investment in sandbags could prove to be money well spent.