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Sandbags and Flood Kit - Coping With Melting Snow

What usually follows any significant snowfall in the UK at some point are warnings about flooding from meteorologists, Government officials, local authorities and the rescue services. A rise in temperature can lead to rapid melting which can catch many people out as water levels begin to rise. Ensuring that sandbags and a flood kit are on hand therefore, could be essential for some people.

Sandbags and Flood Kit

Homeowners in areas designated as being at risk from flooding are more likely to suffer from rising water levels when the snow melts, and whilst many of these people will already be well prepared, there is no harm in making sure. Sandbags are one of the many different things that can be stored in readiness for dealing with flooding and putting together a flood kit is another. This should, at its most basic level, consist of the following:

  • Personal documents such as insurance certificates, passport, driving licence, lists of emergency and important telephone numbers.
  • A torch and radio; both of these items are readily available as wind-up models – otherwise ensure you’ve spare batteries and that they are kept dry.
  • Spare mobile phone with credit pre-loaded
  • Wellies
  • Warm clothes and blankets
  • Waterproofs
  • First aid kit
  • Fresh, clean, bottled water
  • High energy foods such as nuts (subject to allergies), cereal bars and hard-boiled sweets
  • Waterproof bag

Should you need to evacuate a property quickly, then all of these items could be essential to you comfortably surviving in the hours following. Sandbags can also be deployed to help minimise the damage to property, and in many cases, they will be enough to prevent water from entering a property when stacked correctly. Sandbags are also cheap to buy and are easy to store.

It is the simple and practical things that all homeowners can do to protect themselves from flooding that can make a significant difference to the eventual outcome of any flood. And so, as soon as the latest snow begins to melt, make sure you’re prepared and take heed of the warnings given in your area.