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Recycled Cheap Topsoil And The Global Food Crisis

It may not be apparent to most people in the West but it is a fact that many scientists and food industry commentators are claiming the start of a worldwide food crisis. With natural disasters that are capable of destroying agricultural land seemingly on the increase, fresh water in shorter supply and the ever rising price of oil, it is small wonder that food prices remain volatile.

Topsoil Erosion

Topsoil erosion is another contributing factor to food prices soaring. It is partly due to natural disasters but mainly due to farming techniques that have plundered the nutrients and soil texture over time, rendering it susceptible to wind and water erosion. Recycled cheap topsoil from a quality supplier can play its part though in reducing the domestic and small-holder demand for topsoil from traditional suppliers that is commonly seen during the spring and early summer.
Recycled cheap topsoil can be produced using sustainable methods whilst contributing to a better environmental policy at home. It is also an excellent way for cheap topsoil producers to satisfy the needs of customers who desire quality, green and sustainable products.

Quality Recycled Cheap Topsoil

Cheap topsoil does not mean poor quality. Whilst there will inevitably be some producers whose only concern is to sell the cheapest topsoil with little or no concern for the content of the soil, there are those that do. These producers can prove that they meet British Standards and regulatory requirements that are necessary for using recycled materials products intended for resale. Indeed, this is perhaps the most important point for gardeners and small-holders to take note of because they will be keen to ensure that the topsoil they use is safe, contains no unwanted toxins, glass or similar alien materials.