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Is Rock Salt Worth Its Salt?

There are many reasons why the purchase of rock salt could get overlooked in the months leading up to the depths of winter, and with Christmas on its way, the weather’s not always our primary concern until it’s often too late. Winter is the UK’s coldest time of the year and the period when ice and snow are most likely to wreak their havoc on the roads and on people’s drives and pathways. Most of us are aware that windscreen de-icer and anti-freeze are important purchases, but how many of us consider buying rock salt as a necessity?

It’s not only festive distractions that may impede our preparations for bad weather. Many of us are often blissfully unaware of how cold it is outside, especially first thing in the morning. Our centrally heated homes can often provide a false sense of security that belies the true extent of the cold outside. Likewise, once we’re in our cars, the climate controls and heated seats can disconnect us from the icy reality.

For these reasons, the benefits of rock salt should be given more prominence during the winter months. Whilst rock salt it is usually confined to the local authority gritter to be used on public roads and pedestrian zones at the centre of busy towns and cities, there are benefits to buying and using rock salt in domestic situations. Spreading on paths and driveways near and around domestic property could help prevent injuries from slipping over or the cost of car damage after a slight knock such as sliding into a garden wall down the driveway. In these instances, rock salt is definitely worth its salt.