How to look after your lawn in the winter


  • If we have a particularly mild winter, then there may be some growth that needs to be mown if it is dry enough, but it is likely that the grass plants will become dormant due to the colder temperatures and there will be minimal growth.
  • If you do need to mow during the winter, it is better to keep the lawn slightly longer than in the summer. Cutting it too short during cooler temperatures can cause stress to the plants; also, leaving longer leaf blades will provide the roots and growth area of the plant with some frost protection. Set your lawnmower height approx. 25% higher than your usual cutting height.
  • The lawn shouldn’t be mown when frosty, if frosty weather is forecast, or if the ground is too wet.

Tasks for the winter months:

  • Clean and service your lawnmower.
  • Gently rake any debris such as leaves from the lawn as often as you can, at least weekly if possible. Debris that isn’t removed from the lawn can promote disease due to trapping moisture, it could also smother the grass and prevent growth once spring arrives.
  • If the ground in areas of your lawn is compacted and show signs of lying water, use a garden fork to gently aerate the area. This breaks up the ground, improves drainage and allows air to circulate within the soil. Aeration is a task generally carried out during the spring or autumn months when it is slightly warmer, so should only be performed in winter if you have water on the lawn which isn’t draining away.


When you’ve removed leaves or debris from your lawn that has been there for some time, sometimes the grass can look a little paler or yellow in areas. This is due to the debris blocking sunlight from reaching the grass plants, though usually this damage isn’t long term. Turf is fairly resilient and when the warmer weather returns – and you have applied your annual spring feed – the grass plants will be rejuvenated, and your lovely green lawn should start to re-emerge.

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