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How Does Rock Salt Protect Against Ice?

Hallstone de-icing salt, often referred to as rock salt, is a product that we use a great deal of in the UK during the winter months.  Rock salt is essential for making sure that the UK’s roads and pathways are free from ice and snow during the worst of our weather. But how does rock salt work to make our roads and paths safer during the icy winter?

  • Rock salt works primarily by reducing the freezing point of water.
  • Snow and rain won’t freeze on contact with rock salt when used in sufficient amounts.
  • Spreading rock salt on driveways, roads or paths helps prevent the formation of ice crystals where they could cause serious injury from people slipping over or from vehicles losing traction and sliding uncontrollably.

Rock salt is therefore essential during winter, protecting our health and our wallets. It is a great investment for homeowners wishing to ensure their paths and driveways are safe and clear of ice and snow.

Hallstone Direct supply 100% rock salt which, unlike some suppliers, do not mix with grit or sand which leaves a residue that can require clearing away once it has served its purpose. Hallstone 100% rock salt can be ordered in bulk bags with free delivery to the majority of the UK mainland.