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Hallstone launches retail website,


Hallstone, a sister company of Rolawn Limited, has launched a retail website, supplying responsibly sourced landscape and garden products nationwide.  In addition to Topsoil and Bark Mulch, Hallstone Direct supplies ethically sourced products such as Decorative Aggregates, De-icing Salt and Filled Sandbags.

Hallstone's aim is to provide the UK market with value for money, ethically sourced or recycled, fit-for-purpose products to our highest possible standard of service and reliability, which means our customers can feel confident we will meet their expectations.

An environmentally conscious company, Hallstone has invested heavily in environmental permits which means that we can recover certain recyclable materials that can be used to manufacture value for money, safe and reliable landscaping products.  By holding these permits and licenses we are required to prove to the Environment Agency that we employ the correct practices in recycling, meaning our customers can be reassured that our products are free from illegal waste and other unsafe materials; many of which can be found in cheap topsoil and cheap bark mulch.

Hallstone is a member of the Green Achiever Scheme, which demonstrates our continued commitment to the environment.  Hallstone also has the benefit of utilising a highly efficient distribution system which means we can pass these savings onto our customers and also reduce our carbon footprint.  With a clear pricing policy, all prices on Hallstone Direct include VAT and FREE DELIVERY to over 85% of UK mainland addresses.