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Gritting Salt - The People Behind the Gritters

With wintery conditions comes snow, ice and havoc on the UK’s roads. Unlike our Scandinavian counterparts, who are experienced when dealing with wintery weather conditions on the roads regularly, the UK’s maritime weather system, which is often unpredictable, can catch us unawares. It also makes ensuring our national gritting salt stock levels are in good order even more difficult.

Anger at Gritting Salt Vehicle Drivers

Perhaps this is why many motorists feel the need to vent their anger at gritting salt vehicle drivers who work for local authorities. Many gritting salt vehicle drivers face the wrath of the public who, over years of seemingly failed attempts to prepare for the next ’Big Freeze’, are branded as ‘lazy’ or as an irritant on the roads. This is unfortunate and unnecessary. If those members of the public who find themselves getting frustrated with gritting salt drivers in this way took a moment to consider the work that they put in to helping ensure safety on the roads, they may start to feel different. Hours worked by gritting salt drivers during particularly bad weather can amount to 15 per day, and many will continue working such hours for as many days as is required during long cold wintery periods.

Gritting Salt Necessity in Difficult Conditions

Gritting salt clearly doesn’t spread itself and this makes the gritting salt vehicle drivers' role an absolute necessity in a world where road transport is relied on by the majority - and often it's a role made more difficult by parked cars and other road obstacles. Factor in sore eyes from concentrating so hard on the road, fatigue from the hours worked and then the dissatisfaction directed at them by some members of the public, gritting salt vehicle drivers could be forgiven for praying for an end to the cold weather.  However, like many workers who provide a service for the general public, they accept that people will be unhappy when things start to get difficult and they accept that in the case of laying gritting salt, they are the first visible point of contact for people with their local authorities. Gritting salt vehicle drivers have a difficult job, but fortunately for us all, they’re made of the very stuff that they’re responsible for providing.

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