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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding delivery can be found below, however for latest delivery information relating to Covid-19 please see our Contact us page.

Are your bulk bags and pallets returnable?
Where do you deliver to?
Can I have delivery on Saturday?
Can I have a timed delivery?
How much notice do you need for delivery?
What time will my order be delivered?
Do I have to be at home when the delivery is made?
What does kerbside mean?
Does delivery have to be kerbside?
What type of off-loading does the vehicle have?
Can the turf/bulk bags be delivered over a hedge/fence?
Can deliveries be made into the back garden?
Will you contact me to confirm delivery?
Can I track my order?
Does the price include delivery?
Will I receive an invoice or receipt for my order?
How can I calculate how much I need?
The website says delivery is included, so why are there additional charges when I check out?
What size are your bulk bags?
At what depth should I install this product?
Can I specify my delivery date?
How much is delivery?
How much will I be charged for delivery?
How do I measure my garden to see how much turf I need?
How do I cancel my order?