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Cotswold Chippings Bulk Bag

Our ivory/cream coloured angular stone chippings are an aesthetically pleasing aggregate which can provide a clean, brighter feel to paths, driveways and borders.  It is a very popular choice for as it complements lawns & borders, and can transform the appearance of the property, providing a professional finish at an affordable price.
Cotswold chippings are also referred to as limestone buff or cream limestone gravel; it is a light creamy coloured decorative gravel that naturally brings a light contrast to dark areas.

This gravel can be used in the garden, on drives and pathways due to it being hard-wearing, or in rockeries and borders. Cotswold gravel exemplifies versatility as it is perfect for many installations, whether they be contemporary or traditional designs, due to its light, fairly uniform colour and durability. If you have any leftover after you have completed your project, why not add it as a mulch to brighten your pots and planters. 

Coverage: 1 bulk bag = approx. 10-12m² at a depth of 50mm.

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