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Play Surfaces Safety Information & Recommended Depths

Hallstone Wood Play Chips meet British Standard BS EN 1177:2018 - Impact Attenuating Playground Surfacing - Determination of Critical Fall Height when used at the recommended depths.

This European Standard specifies requirements for surfacing to be used in children's playgrounds and specific requirements for areas where impact attenuation is necessary. It suggests the factors to be considered when selecting playground surfacing and gives a method of test by which the impact attenuation can be determined. This test gives a critical fall height for surfacing, that represents the upper limit of its effectiveness in reducing head injury when using playground equipment conforming to BS EN 1176.

Tested in accordance with BS EN 1177:2018, the recommended depth of coverage for Wood Play Chips is*:Play-Chips-Surface-Information-Page.jpg

  • 300mm at a critical fall height of up to 3 metres**.

Each bulk bag will cover approximately 4m² at a depth of 150mm & 2m² at a depth of 300mm. We would always recommend wearing sensible footwear to avoid splinters, which can occasionally occur when using wood-based products as a safety surface.


As a guideline the recommended depth of coverage for Play Sand is*: 

  • 150mm at a critical fall height of up to 1.5 metres**.
  • 300mm at a critical fall height of up to 2.5 metres**.

10 small bags will cover approximately 1m² at a depth of 150mm and 0.5m² at a depth of 300mm.

*We would recommend adding a further 10% to the depth you require when installing, to allow for settling. Regular top-ups will also be necessary to ensure the correct depths are maintained.

**Critical fall height test subject to variance of +/- 0.1m

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