Cheap Topsoil – Without Compromising On Quality

Quality cheap topsoil for allotments and grow your own.The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to most things in life, and it goes without saying that cheap topsoil is not necessarily going to be the best quality topsoil you could use. Equally however, you’d not necessarily be right to say that cheap topsoil is always detrimental to your garden.

Regulated cheap topsoil ensures quality

There are many ways that topsoil can be reduced in cost, and cheap topsoil can be produced by ensuring ethical standards are in place and are followed. One way in which a cheap topsoil supplier can ensure ethical supply in the UK is to sign up to a set of Environmental Agency guidelines. These allow the cheap topsoil supplier the granting of special licences to supply topsoil from relevant recycled materials.

A company needs to make an investment to enable them to operate with recycled waste materials to make sure that the end product being sold satisfies the regulations of the environmental permits and waste management licenses that it holds. However, a cheap topsoil supplier can ensure, assuming that they are upholding these practices, ethically sourced topsoil that is clean and free from illegal waste and one that is produced at a lower cost than premium topsoil.  Unfortunately there are some cheap topsoil suppliers that are not as responsible as Hallstone, so suppliers should always be asked if they regularly test their topsoil and the source of what they have actually put in the bag.

For the discerning gardener

By combining natural topsoil and PAS100 green waste compost material, a cheap topsoil can be supplied that ticks all the boxes for today’s discerning gardener. It’s almost like being able to have your cake and eat it – low cost cheap topsoil produced from recycled green waste material – the perfect solution for green gardening in tough economic climates.

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