Blue Slate Chippings for the ‘Lazy’ Gardener

The vast majority of us who have gardens as part of our property will want it to look as tidy and well kept as possible; there is nothing more relaxing than sitting amongst the trees and plants on a nice day.  However, not all of us are quite as willing to spend the time that it takes to keep the garden looking its best.  Some of us just simply don’t have the time that it can take to keep on top of our garden.  Read on to discover how slate could help to reduce the time you need to spend maintaining your garden.

Paths and driveways

If you choose to use block paving or concrete in your paths and driveways then at some point in the future you are going to have to spend some time maintaining them.  This is because dirt and algae can become ingrained in the surface.  This can take some time to remove using a brush and some serious elbow grease.  The other option is to use a jet washer, but of course you have to buy one first.  Using blue slate means that you don’t have to worry about this area of upkeep as they algae does not form on them as quickly as on concrete and block paving, and they will also prevent weeds on your driveway.

In borders

If you have some borders in the garden, but don’t want to spend too long weeding or watering plants in them, then slate chips could be the answer.  By planting just a few trees or shrubs, then adding slate chippings to the border area you can provide an aesthetically appealing finish that you won’t have to spend too long looking after.

As mulch

The process of mulching entails laying a material over the surface of your soil with the aim of assisting the growth of trees and plants.  Bark and compost are typically used as mulch; however, blue slate chippings can also be used.  The benefits of using garden slates over the other available options is that it will not degrade/break down; meaning you won’t have to spend time and money replacing it frequently, though it may require topping up after a long period of time.  It’s worth noting that slate does not offer the same nutritional benefit to your soil as bark mulch and compost do, so you should only consider using them for mulching purposes where you already have good topsoil for growing, or intend to feed your plants.

If you are looking to install blue slate chippings in your garden, did you know they can even be used in or near water features as they don’t affect the pH of the water, therefore will not have a negative impact on aquatic animals.

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