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Is Rock Salt Worth Its Salt?

There are many reasons why the purchase of rock salt could get overlooked in the months leading up to the depths of winter, and with Christmas on its way, the weather’s not always our primary concern until it’s often too late. Winter is the UK’s coldest time of the year and the period when ice and snow are most likely to wreak their havoc on the roads and on people’s drives and pathways. Most of us are aware that windscreen de-icer and anti-freeze are important purchases, but how many of us consider buying rock salt as a necessity?

De-icing Salt - Protecting Your Car

Winter is the time of the year when many of us worry about the effect that the gritters’ de-icing salt will have on the bodywork of our cars. But need we be concerned today as we once were?

Cheap Topsoil and the Great British Summer

One of everyone’s favourite things about the great British summer is the beautiful flowers on display up and down the country. Both professional and amateur gardeners are eager for their flowers and plants to look their best come summer time. Topsoil is essential for making sure that your plants thrive and are the envy of your neighbours! This can be a quick and cost effective way to improve your garden if you can find premium quality and cheap topsoil.

The Importance of Choosing ’Safe’, Fertile, Consistent Topsoil

Topsoil is an important, fundamental resource. Without it the human race could not exist. We rely on topsoil to provide a growing medium for all our food and environmental resources. Living matter - plants, trees and grass cannot sustain or survive without it.

Cheap Topsoil - Without Compromising On Quality

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to most things in life, and it goes without saying that cheap topsoil is not necessarily going to be the best quality topsoil you could use. Equally however, you’d not necessarily be right to say that cheap topsoil is always detrimental to your garden.

Uses for Cheap Bark Around the Home

There is no need to spend a fortune on bark when it is clear that cheap bark will do just a good job in the vast majority of scenarios. There are all sorts of uses for cheap bark around the home or commercial premises and it will be one of the best gardening investments you can make for a number of reasons.

The Benefits of Bark Chippings as Garden Mulch

Some of the many questions that novice gardeners ask are what is mulch, what benefit does mulching have and what kind of materials or products should I use as a garden mulch? The last question is a lot simpler to answer because one of the most popular and commonly used garden mulches is bark chippings.

Using Bark Chippings To Create A Safe Garden Environment For Children

Anyone who has a child of their own will understand the desire to keep children safe from harm and protect them at all times. The number of cars on the roads these days means that most streets are too busy to allow children to safely play on them. As a result we find children spending more and more time playing in their own gardens. Here we look at how the use of bark chippings in your garden can assist in creating a safe playing environment for children.

Gritting Salt - The People Behind the Gritters

With wintery conditions comes snow, ice and havoc on the UK’s roads. Unlike our Scandinavian counterparts, who are experienced when dealing with wintery weather conditions on the roads regularly, the UK’s maritime weather system, which is often unpredictable, can catch us unawares. It also makes ensuring our national gritting salt stock levels are in good order even more difficult.

The Benefits Of Using De-icing Salt

We take a look at the benefits of using de-icing salt on residential properties.

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