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Gritting Salt - The People Behind the Gritters

With wintery conditions comes snow, ice and havoc on the UK’s roads. Unlike our Scandinavian counterparts, who are experienced when dealing with wintery weather conditions on the roads regularly, the UK’s maritime weather system, which is often unpredictable, can catch us unawares. It also makes ensuring our national gritting salt stock levels are in good order even more difficult.

The Benefits Of Using De-icing Salt

Using de-icing salt, commonly known as rock salt or halite, on roads is an essential way of keeping mobility going during the winter. The last few winters have been colder than normal in the UK which has led to chaotic conditions across the country with snow and ice causing disruption to all kinds of transport. De-icing salt works by lowering the melting/freezing point of water and is often formed when sea water evaporates. As well as using it on main roads de-icing salt can be just as useful outside homes on paths and pavements.