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Attracting birds to your garden

An article sharing some thoughts and ideas to attract birds to your garden and how you may be able to overcome some of the challenges you can face when feeding birds.

How to look after your lawn in the winter

Tips and tasks for the winter months to ensure your lawn is at its best when the warmer weather returns.

How do I mow my new lawn?

The most important thing to know about mowing a lawn, is that cutting too aggressively can weaken the grass plant, inhibit growth and sometimes damage the plant beyond repair, therefore the golden rule is to never cut more than a third of the length of the grass plant away. 

How to measure your garden for a new lawn

Are you struggling to measure your garden or calculate how much turf you need for your new lawn? Hallstone's simple method to measure even the oddest shapes can help.

Don’t be scared to scarify!

Scarifying should be an important part of your lawn maintenance, but can be daunting as the appearance following the process can leave the lawn looking patchy and unattractive; don’t worry though, this appearance is temporary and for the greater good. 

How to apply mulch

A useful guide detailing organic and inorganic garden mulch options and how to apply whichever mulch you choose.

Choosing the right flooring for your chicken run

There are multiple options when choosing a suitable flooring for your chicken run. If your run is on your lawn and portable, you can move it around the garden once an area has become worn to allow the grass to recover; though if you have a chicken run that remains in one position or you don’t have a lawn, you may find that after some rain it becomes a bit of a quagmire, difficult to clean and your poor ladies get very muddy feet and legs.  We’ve taken a look at few of the options that are widely used.

How to lay turf

First time laying turf? It’s something that even the most inexperienced gardener can handle. Plan ahead, follow our simple instructions and take your time; if you maintain your new lawn correctly once laid, it’s a project that you should only need to do once.

Understanding The Process Of Mulching With Bark Chippings

The process of mulching is one that can be extremely beneficial to our gardens and most experienced gardeners will utilise it to get the best results.  However, for those that are just starting out in the world of gardening, mulching and the benefits that it offers are somewhat of a grey area.  Here we seek to remove the mystery around mulching whilst using bark chippings as an example. 

Sandbags Can Help Prevent Unnecessary Flooding

Sandbags can help prevent unnecessary flooding in the many situations where homes are threatened by rising rivers and where drainage has been put under extra pressure due to heavy rain.

Gritting Salt - Preparation Is The Key

It is often difficult to predict when and where ice will form on road surfaces and pavements but you should make sure you are ready for all eventualities by having your own supply of gritting salt. If you are looking to purchase gritting salt for residential purposes, the internet should be where you look for a rock salt supplier.

How De-Icing Salt Helps Your Local Community

From November to March the risk of ice and snow is high and cold weather conditions can cause massive disruption on British roads. So what happens in preparation for this to decrease the impact this has on transport nationwide?

Bark Chippings or Rubber Chippings - How To Choose?

Since legislation disallowed the filling of landfill sites with old used car tyres, businesses have been clever enough to spot an opportunity and diversify into an area that was the domain of bark chippings – decorative mulches and playground floor coverings. But, given the choice as a gardener, which would you choose?

Using De-Icing Salt on Wood Surfaces

Concrete is one of the surfaces that is most susceptible to a build up of ice and more and more people are purchasing de-icing salt to use on the wood surfaces that they have around their homes – such as decking and patios. You can buy de-icing salt online in a quantity to suit your needs.  

Blue Slate Chippings For The 'Lazy' Gardener

The vast majority of us who have gardens as part of our property will want it to look as tidy and well kept as possible; there is nothing more relaxing than sitting amongst the trees and plants on a nice day.  However, not all of us are quite as willing to spend the time that it takes to keep the garden looking its best.  Some of us just simply don’t have the time that it can take to keep on top of our garden.  Read on to discover how blue slate chippings could help to reduce the time you need to spend maintaining your garden. 

The Origin of Slate Chippings

Most gardeners will, at some point in their lives, have used them; decorative landscape designers will have used them too but in quantities so huge you’d need several dumper trucks to move them and anyone who has ever visited a garden centre will have seen them stacked in sacks in the outdoor section – that’s right, we’re talking about slate chippings.

Slate Chippings - Adding A Touch Of Glamour To The Garden

There are many ways that gardeners can create beauty and of course choosing complementary plants, flowers and shrubs is the first priority. There are other means however that can be used to add a touch of glamour to the garden which don’t necessarily need to come from vegetation. Slate chippings are one example.

Cheap Topsoil is Essential for a Healthy Garden

There are a plethora of reasons why you might need cheap topsoil; but ultimately it will boil down to you wanting a healthier, better looking garden. There are many reasons you may want a nice garden – your garden may be your escape after a long day at the office, or you may be trying to out-do your neighbours.

Cheap Topsoil - Ensuring Quality At A Reasonable Price

More people today are being affected by financial burden than has been the case for many years and because of this, many people are having to tighten their belts. Everything it seems is being affected and it has often been the case that people’s regular pastimes have taken the hit on spending quicker than in other areas of expenditure that are considered essential, such as food, heating and clothes.

Bark Chippings - Landscaping For Less

There are many ways as a landscape gardener to create beautiful vistas that can inspire and enthuse, however, your options for creating a piece of landscape horticulture worthy of any praise can be severely depleted once you've realised that the size of the budget available is less than might be favourable to you goals.

Adding Raised Garden Beds To Your Garden With Cheap Topsoil

The sight of raised garden beds and flowerbeds is a common sight in gardens across the UK.  Yet some may be put off installing raised beds by the cost of undertaking such a task.  Here we look at the benefits provided from having raised garden beds and how cheap topsoil can greatly reduce the cost of installation. 

Recycled Cheap Topsoil And The Global Food Crisis

It may not be apparent to most people in the West but it is a fact that many scientists and food industry commentators are claiming the start of a worldwide food crisis. With natural disasters that are capable of destroying agricultural land seemingly on the increase, fresh water in shorter supply and the ever rising price of oil, it is small wonder that food prices remain volatile.  

Is Rock Salt Worth Its Salt?

There are many reasons why the purchase of rock salt could get overlooked in the months leading up to the depths of winter, and with Christmas on its way, the weather’s not always our primary concern until it’s often too late. Winter is the UK’s coldest time of the year and the period when ice and snow are most likely to wreak their havoc on the roads and on people’s drives and pathways. Most of us are aware that windscreen de-icer and anti-freeze are important purchases, but how many of us consider buying rock salt as a necessity?

De-icing Salt - Protecting Your Car

Winter is the time of the year when many of us worry about the effect that the gritters’ de-icing salt will have on the bodywork of our cars. But need we be concerned today as we once were?

Cheap Topsoil and the Great British Summer

One of everyone’s favourite things about the great British summer is the beautiful flowers on display up and down the country. Both professional and amateur gardeners are eager for their flowers and plants to look their best come summer time. Topsoil is essential for making sure that your plants thrive and are the envy of your neighbours! This can be a quick and cost effective way to improve your garden if you can find premium quality and cheap topsoil.

The Importance of Choosing ’Safe’, Fertile, Consistent Topsoil

Topsoil is an important, fundamental resource. Without it the human race could not exist. We rely on topsoil to provide a growing medium for all our food and environmental resources. Living matter - plants, trees and grass cannot sustain or survive without it.

Cheap Topsoil - Without Compromising On Quality

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to most things in life, and it goes without saying that cheap topsoil is not necessarily going to be the best quality topsoil you could use. Equally however, you’d not necessarily be right to say that cheap topsoil is always detrimental to your garden.

Uses for Cheap Bark Around the Home

There is no need to spend a fortune on bark when it is clear that cheap bark will do just a good job in the vast majority of scenarios. There are all sorts of uses for cheap bark around the home or commercial premises and it will be one of the best gardening investments you can make for a number of reasons.

The Benefits of Bark Chippings as Garden Mulch

Some of the many questions that novice gardeners ask are what is mulch, what benefit does mulching have and what kind of materials or products should I use as a garden mulch? The last question is a lot simpler to answer because one of the most popular and commonly used garden mulches is bark chippings.

Using Bark Chippings To Create A Safe Garden Environment For Children

Anyone who has a child of their own will understand the desire to keep children safe from harm and protect them at all times. The number of cars on the roads these days means that most streets are too busy to allow children to safely play on them. As a result we find children spending more and more time playing in their own gardens. Here we look at how the use of bark chippings in your garden can assist in creating a safe playing environment for children.

Gritting Salt - The People Behind the Gritters

With wintery conditions comes snow, ice and havoc on the UK’s roads. Unlike our Scandinavian counterparts, who are experienced when dealing with wintery weather conditions on the roads regularly, the UK’s maritime weather system, which is often unpredictable, can catch us unawares. It also makes ensuring our national gritting salt stock levels are in good order even more difficult.

The Benefits Of Using De-icing Salt

Using de-icing salt, commonly known as rock salt or halite, on roads is an essential way of keeping mobility going during the winter. The last few winters have been colder than normal in the UK which has led to chaotic conditions across the country with snow and ice causing disruption to all kinds of transport. De-icing salt works by lowering the melting/freezing point of water and is often formed when sea water evaporates. As well as using it on main roads de-icing salt can be just as useful outside homes on paths and pavements.

Sandbags and Flood Kit - Coping With Melting Snow

What usually follows any significant snowfall in the UK at some point are warnings about flooding from meteorologists, Government officials, local authorities and the rescue services. A rise in temperature can lead to rapid melting which can catch many people out as water levels begin to rise. Ensuring that sandbags and a flood kit are on hand therefore, could be essential for some people.

How Does Rock Salt Protect Against Ice?

Hallstone de-icing salt, often referred to as rock salt, is a product that we use a great deal of in the UK during the winter months.  Rock salt is essential for making sure that the UK’s roads and pathways are free from ice and snow during the worst of our weather. But how does rock salt work to make our roads and paths safer during the icy winter?

The Benefits of Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates can be used in many situations around the garden and for those looking for additional textures, colours and functionality it makes good sense to consider them. Not only that, decorative aggregates can cover large areas quickly, making huge differences to a garden’s ambience without the need to completely plant throughout.

Enhance Security with a Cheap Gravel Driveway

If you’ve ever walked across gravel, you will be aware of the distinctive crunching sound it makes and many homeowners are looking for suppliers of cheap gravel so they can surface their driveway with the material because it is extremely efficient from a security point of view by making it clear when someone is walking around outside.