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Bark Mulch

Hallstone value bark mulch is very beneficial to plants and soil, as mulching can reduce surface evaporation, suppress weeds, moderate soil temperature fluctuations, protect shallow root plants from frost and as it eventually breaks down over time it adds essential nutrients to the soil.

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Bark Mulch Bulk Bag

Bark Mulch Bulk Bag

£88.50 per bag

Attractive conifer bark chippings from an FSC Certified sustainable source. Mulch for garden beds and borders to retain moisture & protect plants from frost.

Our garden bark mulch is long-lasting and derived from sustainably sourced forestry chipping. As an environmentally conscious bark supplier, we understand the importance of making sure our products don’t harm the environment, which is why we only source FSC Certified wood products.

Buy value bark mulch from Hallstone, a brand that prides itself on supplying quality bark mulch at one of the cheapest prices to buy online. Our garden bark chippings are available with free delivery to 85% of UK Mainland postcodes.