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Bark Chippings - Landscaping For Less

There are many ways as a landscape gardener to create beautiful vistas that can inspire and enthuse, however, your options for creating a piece of landscape horticulture worthy of any praise can be severely depleted once you’ve realised that the size of the budget available is less than might be favourable to you goals.

Bark Chippings Budgeting

So, with a small budget and less time than usual (time is never on the landscape gardener’s side) there has to be a decision – and bark chippings suddenly seem like a great opportunity rather than the ubiquitous car park flower bed filler that they have been associated with in modern times. Bark chippings give great advantages to the landscape gardener who is under pressure to reduce capital spend, maintenance costs and is fighting the clock to get everything completed in the time that any job specification requires.

Of course, not only are the financial pressures important, it makes sense to ensure that the products and gardening materials chosen for use when landscaping are of the best quality. It goes without saying that like most things bark chippings are also subject to immense differences in quality, and sometimes the cheapest versions are not necessarily the best. Bark chippings are useful because of their ability to provide uniform coverage over large areas of soil, their ability to retain water during hot weather and to protect plants against frosts during very cold weather. They are also able to prevent the growth of weeds as well as adding organic matter to the soil to encourage and retain a healthy population of living organisms. All of these things can save time and money in the long run. Poor quality bark chippings will undoubtedly be a false economy no matter how cheap they actually are.

Things to look out for when choosing the best bark chippings, irrespective of price, are first and foremost the quality of the company selling the product and to assess their reputation and to decide whether the bark chippings are stated as being 100% natural and have been produced and recognised as coming from an FSC Certified Sustainable Source.