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De-icing Salt Articles

Using De-Icing Salt on Wood Surfaces

Concrete is one of the surfaces that is most susceptible to a build up of ice and more and more people are purchasing de-icing salt to use on the wood surfaces that they have around their homes – such as decking and patios. You can buy de-icing salt online in a quantity to suit your needs.  

How De-Icing Salt Helps Your Local Community

From November to March the risk of ice and snow is high and cold weather conditions can cause massive disruption on British roads. So what happens in preparation for this to decrease the impact this has on transport nationwide?

Gritting Salt - Preparation Is The Key

It is often difficult to predict when and where ice will form on road surfaces and pavements but you should make sure you are ready for all eventualities by having your own supply of gritting salt. If you are looking to purchase gritting salt for residential purposes, the internet should be where you look for a rock salt supplier.

Is Rock Salt Worth Its Salt?

There are many reasons why the purchase of rock salt could get overlooked in the months leading up to the depths of winter, and with Christmas on its way, the weather’s not always our primary concern until it’s often too late. Winter is the UK’s coldest time of the year and the period when ice and snow are most likely to wreak their havoc on the roads and on people’s drives and pathways. Most of us are aware that windscreen de-icer and anti-freeze are important purchases, but how many of us consider buying rock salt as a necessity?

How Does Rock Salt Protect Against Ice?

Hallstone de-icing salt, often referred to as rock salt, is a product that we use a great deal of in the UK during the winter months.  Rock salt is essential for making sure that the UK’s roads and pathways are free from ice and snow during the worst of our weather. But how does rock salt work to make our roads and paths safer during the icy winter?

Gritting Salt - The People Behind the Gritters

With wintery conditions comes snow, ice and havoc on the UK’s roads. Unlike our Scandinavian counterparts, who are experienced when dealing with wintery weather conditions on the roads regularly, the UK’s maritime weather system, which is often unpredictable, can catch us unawares. It also makes ensuring our national gritting salt stock levels are in good order even more difficult.

De-icing Salt - Protecting Your Car

Winter is the time of the year when many of us worry about the effect that the gritters’ de-icing salt will have on the bodywork of our cars. But need we be concerned today as we once were?

The Benefits Of Using De-icing Salt

Using de-icing salt, commonly known as rock salt or halite, on roads is an essential way of keeping mobility going during the winter. The last few winters have been colder than normal in the UK which has led to chaotic conditions across the country with snow and ice causing disruption to all kinds of transport. De-icing salt works by lowering the melting/freezing point of water and is often formed when sea water evaporates. As well as using it on main roads de-icing salt can be just as useful outside homes on paths and pavements.