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Bark & Mulching Articles

Bark Chippings or Rubber Chippings - How To Choose?

Since legislation disallowed the filling of landfill sites with old used car tyres, businesses have been clever enough to spot an opportunity and diversify into an area that was the domain of bark chippings – decorative mulches and playground floor coverings. But, given the choice as a gardener, which would you choose?

The Benefits of Bark Chippings as Garden Mulch

Some of the many questions that novice gardeners ask are what is mulch, what benefit does mulching have and what kind of materials or products should I use as a garden mulch? The last question is a lot simpler to answer because one of the most popular and commonly used garden mulches is bark chippings.

Bark Chippings - Landscaping For Less

There are many ways as a landscape gardener to create beautiful vistas that can inspire and enthuse, however, your options for creating a piece of landscape horticulture worthy of any praise can be severely depleted once you've realised that the size of the budget available is less than might be favourable to you goals.

Using Bark Chippings To Create A Safe Garden Environment For Children

Anyone who has a child of their own will understand the desire to keep children safe from harm and protect them at all times. The number of cars on the roads these days means that most streets are too busy to allow children to safely play on them. As a result we find children spending more and more time playing in their own gardens. Here we look at how the use of bark chippings in your garden can assist in creating a safe playing environment for children.

Uses for Cheap Bark Around the Home

There is no need to spend a fortune on bark when it is clear that cheap bark will do just a good job in the vast majority of scenarios. There are all sorts of uses for cheap bark around the home or commercial premises and it will be one of the best gardening investments you can make for a number of reasons.

Understanding The Process Of Mulching With Bark Chippings

The process of mulching is one that can be extremely beneficial to our gardens and most experienced gardeners will utilise it to get the best results.  However, for those that are just starting out in the world of gardening, mulching and the benefits that it offers are somewhat of a grey area.  Here we seek to remove the mystery around mulching whilst using bark chippings as an example.